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I have heard that you in these parts have at certain seasons Meetings ofConference in relation to Friends living up to our principles, in which severalmeetings unite in one. With this I feel unity, having in some measure felttruth lead that way among Friends in America, and I have found, my dear friend,that in these labours all superfluities in our own living are against us. Ifeel that pure love towards thee in which there is freedom. � DEARLY BELOVED WIFE, -- We are favoured with health; have been at sundrymeetings in East Jersey and on this island. My mind hath been much in aninward, watchful frame since I left thee, greatly desiring that our proceedingsmay be singly in the will of our Heavenly Father. Haweis and his wife, later Mina Loy were also in Florence. Their home had been dismantled as they had had workmen in it but they put it all in order to give us a delightful lunch. Both Haweis and Mina were among the very earliest to be interested in the work of Gertrude Stein. Haweis had been fascinated with what he had read in manuscript of The Making of Americans. He did however plead for commas. Gertrude Stein said commas were unnecessary, the sense should be intrinsic and not have to be explained by commas and otherwise commas were only a sign that one should pause and take breath but one should know of oneself when one wanted to pause and take breath. However, as she liked Haweis very much and he had given her a delightful painting for a fan, she gave him two commas. It must however be added that on rereading the manuscript she took the commas out. Esau is mentioned as a child red all over like a hairy garment. In Esau isrepresented the natural will of man. In preparing the water of separation a redheifer without blemish, on which there had been no yoke, was to be slain andher blood sprinkled by the priest seven times towards the tabernacle of thecongregation; then her skin, her flesh, and all pertaining to her, was to beburnt without the camp, and of her ashes the water was prepared. Thus, thecrucifying of the old man, or natural will, is represented; and hence comes aseparation from that carnal mind which is death. "He who toucheth the dead bodyof a man and purifieth not himself with the water of separation, defileth thetabernacle of the Lord; he is unclean" (Num. xix. 13). I told him I was free to have a conference with them all together in aprivate house; or, if he thought they would take it unkind to be asked to cometogether, and to be spoken with in the hearing of one another, I was free tospend some time amongst them, and to visit them all in their own houses. Heexpressed his liking to the first proposal, not doubting their willingness tocome together; and, as I proposed a visit to only ministers, elders, andoverseers, he named some others whom he desired might also be present. A careful messenger being wanted to acquaint them in a proper manner, he offeredto go to all their houses, to open the matter to them, -- and did so. About theeighth hour the next morning we met in the meeting-house chamber, the last-mentioned country Friend, my companion, and John Storer being with us. After ashort time of retirement, I acquainted them with the steps I had taken inprocuring that meeting, and opened the concern I was under, and we thenproceeded to a free conference upon the subject. My exercise was heavy, and Iwas deeply bowed in spirit before the Lord, who was pleased to favour with theseasoning virtue of truth, which wrought a tenderness amongst us; and thesubject was mutually handled in a calm and peaceable spirit. At length, feelingmy mind released from the burden which I had been under, I took my leave ofthem in a good degree of satisfaction; and by the tenderness they manifested inregard to the practice, and the concern several of them expressed in relationto the manner of disposing of their negroes after their decease, I believedthat a good exercise was spreading amongst them: and I am humbly thankful toGod, who supported my mind and preserved me in a good degree of resignationthrough these trials. 色爱区综合五月色爱区 "Foot-and-mouth disease." I had several dyed garments fit for use which I believed it best to wear tillI had occasion for new ones. Some Friends were apprehensive that my wearingsuch a hat savoured of an affected singularity; those who spoke with me in afriendly way I generally informed, in a few words, that I believed my wearingit was not in my own will. I had at times been sensible that a superficialfriendship had been dangerous to me; and many Friends being now uneasy with me,I had an inclination to acquaint some with the manner of my being led intothese things; yet upon a deeper thought I was for a time most easy to omit it,believing the present dispensation was profitable, and trusting that, if I keptmy place, the Lord in his own time would open the hearts of Friends towards me. "I've left this farm to William," continued Reuben, "because I've naun else to leave it to that I can see. All my children have forsook me; but maybe this boy 'ud be better than they." By famine, great numbers of people in some places have been brought to theutmost distress, and have pined away from want of the necessaries of life. To all which I replied in substance as follows: that Noah and his family wereall who survived the flood, according to Scripture; and as Noah was of Seth'srace, the family of Cain was wholly destroyed. One of them said that after theflood Ham went to the land of Nod and took a wife; that Nod was a land fardistant, inhabited by Cain's race, and that the flood did not reach it; and asHam was sentenced to be a servant of servants to his brethren, these twofamilies, being thus joined, were undoubtedly fit only for slaves. I replied,the flood was a judgment upon the world for their abominations, and it wasgranted that Cain's stock was the most wicked, and therefore unreasonable tosuppose that they were spared. As to Ham's going to the land of Nod for a wife,no time being fixed, Nod might be inhabited by some of Noah's family before Hammarried a second time; moreover the text saith "That all flesh died that movedupon the earth" (Gen. vii. 21). I further reminded them how the prophetsrepeatedly declare "that the son shall not suffer for the iniquity of thefather, but every one be answerable for his own sins."I was troubled to perceive the darkness of their imaginations, and in somepressure of spirit said, "The love of ease and gain are the motives in generalof keeping slaves, and men are wont to take hold of weak arguments to support acause which is unreasonable. I have no interest on either side, save only theinterest which I desire to have in the truth. I believe liberty is their right,and as I see they are not only deprived of it, but treated in other respectswith inhumanity in many places, I believe He who is a refuge for the oppressedwill, in His own time, plead their cause, and happy will it be for such as walkin uprightness before Him." And thus our conversation ended.